2 New Songs: Rich Girl, Tuífèi 颓废

I’m delighted to announce that my sister Marie has just finished recording two Mandarin songs here in my little studio.

1. Rich Girl

I wrote the song with our college’s hip hop dance team in mind (I haven’t heard from them whether they like the song or not yet). I invented a character (I imagined a Shànghǎi rén 上海人 for some reason) and recorded the “voice” of the ATM here on campus to mix in.

Download the MP3


2. Tuífèi 颓废

Kicking off our new Chinese cover song album, Marie played the piano and recorded all of her own vocals while I was in class. I must say, I like this piano sans-harmonica version even more than the original recording by Xián Zǐ 弦子, but then again, I’m piānxīn 偏心.

Download the MP3


Any help with the translation of Tuífèi 颓废 (including the title) would be appreciated. I’m really not sure I’ve captured the ethos of the song correctly.

2 Replies to “2 New Songs: Rich Girl, Tuífèi 颓废”

  1. Nice songs, and great translations! As for 颓废, I’d translate it more as “depressed” as opposed to decadent. The song is about how one doesn’t want to love again because love is so painful.

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