A Facelift for the Blog

I’ve done a little remodeling on this blog (way overdue, I know). I hope you like the new design. The changes include:

  1. Added some themed pages such as Where to Start, Most Discussed, and Top Picks.
  2. Changed color scheme and put side bar on the right (both were automatic with the new theme).
  3. Shortened the Home page to only the most recent 2 posts (easier for slower connections to load) and added recent posts to the sidebar so you can see the titles of the most recent 5 posts.
  4. Cleaned up the sidebar so the categories, recent posts, and recent comments are easier to see.
  5. Threw the search box into the header of every page.
  6. Fixed the comments RSS feed for each post so you can follow the discussion of a single post in your favorite RSS reader.

    Please let me know if any parts of this site are broken now as a result of the new theme. Or, if you think a post deserves to be included in one of those themed pages, feel free to leave a comment here (I don’t think you can leave comments on the themed pages themselves).

    One Reply to “A Facelift for the Blog”

    1. Really like the new look. Love that the tabs change to a bluish hue when you hover over them. Way cool. Search bar on every page is great, too. Thanks!

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