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If you’re a “lǎowài” 老外 (Chinese for “foreigner”) and you want to learn to speak “zhōngwén” 中文 (Chinese for “Chinese”), I hope this website can help.

But if coming to this site to check for updates is “tài máfan” 太麻烦 (“too much trouble”), you might prefer to receive email updates or subscribe via RSS (whatever that is).

Me (Albert Wolfe)

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In addition to running this blog, I do course design consulting for Yoyo Chinese and occasionally do usability consulting for various online learning resources (such as MDBG and ChineseTeachers.com). I also “maintain” the shareable Chinese Resource Bank and EFL Linguist, a website of resources for English teachers in China.

I started learning Chinese on my own (well, I had friends and dictionaries) my first year in China while teaching at a college in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. My second year was spent as the only English literature teacher at Yunnan Agricultural University in Kunming, Yunnan Province. Then, I worked for 8 years at Peizheng College in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province where I taught English, percussion, and also Beginning Chinese to the other foreign teachers.

Currently, I’m working at 小康之家 Xiǎokāng zhī jiā, or in English “Healthy Household,” owned by my friend Paul Condrell, which has forced me to start “learning” Chinese again! Here are 2 different videos on Youtube (English) and Youku (Chinese) introducing the company.

During my years in China, I’ve served as a translator in many capacities, hosted a televised English speech contest, appeared on a Chinese-language radio talk show, and gigged with a local rock band for the opening of a new supermarket. I’ve also written a few Chinese pop songs (available here) and I currently serve as the director of Peizheng College’s drumline. I’ve still never taken a formal class on Chinese.

I’m originally from California and Arizona.

My Books

My first book is called Chinese 24/7: Everyday Strategies for Speaking and Understanding Mandarin.

My second book is a techno-thriller novel called faceless.

My newest book is called Coach Them to Speak: A Practical Guidebook for College Oral English Teachers in China.

The Great China Quest,which I’m currently working on with my friend Adrian, will be next.

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