And the Title Is: Chinese 24/7

Well the publisher has spoken, and the title of my book is:

Chinese 24/7: Everyday Strategies for Speaking and Understanding Mandarin.

(click through to Amazon to see a bigger cover image)

Thanks again to everyone who participated in helping name the book. That contest was started before I’d found a publisher. When it came time for them to choose the title (yes, the publisher is in charge of the title) I made all your suggestions available to them. I’m sorry that I won’t be awarding a free book to any of you because of the title contest. Maybe I’ll think of some other contest where that can be the prize.

But if you don’t want to hold your breath, you can pre-order it through Amazon. The book is scheduled for release in November, 2008.

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  1. good for you! you have talent in language learning and teaching.I believe Chinese 24/7 must be of great help for Chinese learners.

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