Beginning Chinese Class, Term 1 Report

I had a great time teaching the Beginning Chinese class to the foreign teachers here at Peizheng College last term. I learned a lot and I’m very much looking forward to teaching it again next term.

I’ve decided to share the following information from my first term teaching Chinese in hopes that other Chinese teachers (and students) may derive some benefit from my experience:

  1. My reflections on what went well and what could be improved.
  2. The database of all the vocabulary we covered over the term including a hanzi frequency report.
  3. Syllabus I emailed before first day of class.
  4. Agreement the foreign teachers and tutors signed.

The database was created by Iris (my assistant coach) who brought her laptop to class every session and faithfully typed in everything that went on the board. There was a little confusion about the total weeks (was it 12 or 13?) but besides that I’d call it a big success.

I’ll be reworking the syllabus slightly but the basic format will remain unchanged:

  • 1-on-1 Tutor Session + Group Class Session

Thanks again to all the foreign teachers and tutors who made the class so fun!

  Beginning Chinese Spring 2013 Report (2,350 hits)

  Beginning Chinese Vocab Database - spring 2013 (2,331 hits)

  Beginning Chinese Syllabus - spring 2013 (1,749 hits)

  Tutor and foreign teacher agreements (1,402 hits)

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  2. Kevin McGeary UNITED KINGDOM said:

    If it continues to go well, you can continue to teach it back home where demand is on the increase.

    Comment date: Dec 30, 2013

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