Blog Bank updated to be Resource Bank

Umm… it’s not often that I update something as quickly as I’ve updated my Blog Bank. It was just after I published that last post that I realized I can actually add far more than just blog RSS feeds. I can add EVERYTHING.

This has been a problem I’ve long wanted to solve:

When someone new arrives in China or wants to start learning Chinese, how can I get all the information and resources to that person in a way that is:

  • Concise 
  • Organized
  • Up-to-date
  • Thorough
  • Useful

Thanks to NetVibes, I’m finally able to do just that. I have removed my (extremely un-useful) long list of links from my sidebar, and have put everything in that NetVibes page, with its various tabs.

There are still a few things missing, I know. So please email me or leave a comment if you’ve got a favorite resource that’s not listed.

Oh, and if your site or resource is listed, but you hate the image I’ve chosen or have a better suggestion for how it can be listed, please just let me know. I want to respect everyone’s wishes as to how their own brand or product is represented.

Also, I get no revenue from or even information about how many visits the “Learn Chinese” Resource Bank gets. So if you find it useful, I’d also love to know via a comment or email. I have no other way of knowing if anyone has even seen it.

Oh and one last thing, if you think the Resource Bank is worth sharing, I’ve provided some code to do so easily on your own site. (I know it’s still called the “Blog Bank” in the image. I might change that someday. Or better yet, if someone wants to SEND me a better image to use that would be even better!)

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