Book in Hand

I’m happy to announce that I’ve actually got a copy of my own book now. The box from the publisher arrived a few days ago with 12 běn for me. (Now there’s an indication of how excited I am: going out of my way to use a measure word–sheesh!)

This will most likely serve as my final communication to the book updates news letter, for a while at least.

But there are a few final bits and pieces to tell you about:

1. If anyone in China who ordered the book via Amazon actually receives it (and I have no doubt you will), would you please let me know how long it took to get here from the shipping date? I’m curious about that.

2. The publisher has told me the most helpful thing anyone can do (besides actually buying the book) is to write a review on Amazon. Apparently, those are the real currency of online book sales (whatever that means). If anyone who has the book finds it useful, would you consider typing out a few kind words and clicking a few golden stars here? You have to register an account with Amazon, but that’s pretty easy to do. I’ve also added a “Write your own review” button to the sidebar for easy findability later.

3. If you’d like to see the “audio companion site” for my book, it’s here. The MP3s are all free, but you’ll need to get the book to see the transcript and translation (and sometimes the excuse) for what’s being said. Doing it this way saved us from having to press CDs and shrinkwrap them with the book.

4. Last and certainly least: because of peer pressure from MDBG, I’ve created a Facebook page for my book. I have no idea what that means or what it’s for, but I have a feeling that someday I could post book-related news on there as well as here. If anyone can explain what in the world a Facebook page is good for, I’m all ears?

Thanks again to everyone for the support during this process. It finally feels like this project is over. Now I can get back to work on those 45 draft posts that have been glaring at me for so many months.

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  1. Facebook is good networking, I have a lot of classmates studying with me here in Tianjin and they just might see the book on my friends list and later, buy it.

  2. Any chance you can get Amazon to make the book searchable? I like to preview my books before I buy them, particularly for language books, and the “Search Inside This Book” feature at Amazon is very helpful.

  3. Geoff,

    Request already submitted to Amazon. Unfortunately we’re at their mercy as to when it actually happens. I’m with you though. Preview away, that’s what I say.

  4. So I got your book today, it was ordered only 2 weeks ago. I had it delivered to North Eastern China, and Amazon said not to expect it until 22 May, so suprised it turned up early. In their hast, it seems they were unable to take good care of the book, as once I opened the box (which was way too large for the book), I was presented with a bent and folded back cover and dented and creased pages. Not happy! Content looks good though, can’t wait to find some time to get stuck into it.

  5. Archie,

    Glad it got to you, but sorry it got beat up in the process. Before Amazon loses a whole lot of face, I’d just like to say that I’ve heard from others who ordered the book on Amazon and it got delivered unscathed to them in China. I don’t know why yours got roughed up and not theirs.

    I would also like to mention that the fault may not be Amazon’s at all. I’ve had packages opened and then resealed by Chinese authorities before delivery to me here. I’m not saying that’s what happened, but it is also a possibility.

    Anyway, just wanted to send a little sympathy your way and say I hope you enjoy the book despite its bent pages.

  6. Dear Albert,

    I found your blog a few months ago after I accepted a teaching position in Changzhou. I ordered your book and have found it immensely helpful (it is sitting, open, between me and my keyboard right now as I type this). Today is my fourth day in Changzhou, and my Chinese is improving slowly but surely; my six weeks of study before I came got me a little over 100 words which I can use very, very slowly.

    I will write a review on Amazon very soon. It seems your own experience learning Chinese has given you an ideal perspective for teaching so many of the people like me who come to China for the first time with little or no language experience.

    I am a huge language nerd myself (I majored in Spanish at college, and now wish I had taken up a non-Roman-alphabet language much earlier!) and I thoroughly enjoy your blog; I check my RSS subscription every day on Google Reader. Please keep up your great work, and I hope you will be able to answer some of the inevitable language questions that I will have over the next year!

    Best regards,

    Ben Creed
    Jiangsu Polytechnic University

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