Blog Updates

Another Facelift for the Blog

It appears that every 7 years or so (that often?!), I update my blog’s appearance. This new layout, while feeling a bit… umm… “thick” to me, actually works much better for mobile devices so all my readers with smart phones (aka me and my mom) can enjoy all the non-stop action of this blog while […]

Contact Form huài le

It’s just been brought to my attention (thanks John) that my contact form is broken. I’m sorry if you’ve sent a message and I haven’t replied. I’m not ignoring you, I simply didn’t receive it. The last email I received via that form was (ironically) on September 11. I hope to fix the form soon […]

Top Commentators

It’s time for some long-overdue recognition of some of the top commentators on this site over the past year. Coming in way above the rest in first place is Helen, followed by Jim Mahler, Joel, Nicki, and Sharon ZY. You’ve earned a place in the sidebar for the next week or so! Special thanks to […]

Sorry for the White out

If you tried to visit in the last 48 hours or so, you would have seen nothing on this site but the White Screen of Death. I just got it sorted out by upgrading to WordPress 2.6, but I have a feeling the addition of the “secret key” (which I added a few days ago) […]

A Facelift for the Blog

I’ve done a little remodeling on this blog (way overdue, I know). I hope you like the new design. The changes include: Added some themed pages such as Where to Start, Most Discussed, and Top Picks. Changed color scheme and put side bar on the right (both were automatic with the new theme). Shortened the […]