faceless Available for Free Kindle Lending

Just a quick note to let you know that the new Kindle version of my novel faceless is out (paperback version here). Besides various little typo corrections, “real page numbers” (based on the print book), and a new link to this very website, the biggest change is that it is now enrolled in KDP Select which places the book in the Kindle Lending […]

faceless Through to Quarter Finals (top 250)

(from the faceless news feed) I’m very happy to announce that faceless has made it into the Quarter Finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest in the Young Adult Fiction category (because the main character is 17 years old). A quick outline of the contest rounds and number of entries: 5000 entries submitted in each category […]

faceless Kindle Edition Released

Just a quick update about my novel: I had quite a few people tell me they would like to read it in eBook format. So I’m very happy to announce the Kindle version of faceless has just been released! The paperback is still available too, of course, but it ships from the USA so the eBook […]

My New Book: faceless (novel)

I’m very happy to announce the recent release of my first novel: a techno-thriller called faceless. It’s not about learning Chinese. But it does have some Chinese in it. And, without giving anything away, I would like to say that any reader who knows Chinese will appreciate at least one little joke more than readers who […]

Review Chinese 24/7

First of all, thanks to everyone who has written something nice about my book at Amazon or your own blog or the Facebook page (currently banned in China) or even here. It’s been nice to hear some feedback and it’s mostly positive (what a bonus)! A few people have contacted me saying they wanted to […]

Book in Hand

I’m happy to announce that I’ve actually got a copy of my own book now. The box from the publisher arrived a few days ago with 12 běn for me. (Now there’s an indication of how excited I am: going out of my way to use a measure word–sheesh!) This will most likely serve […]

Will Amazon Sell Chinese 24/7?

The short answer is: yes, but Amazon is very confused right now. If you pre-ordered Chinese 24/7 from Amazon, you probably got an email recently that said: “Hello from We are sorry to report that we will not be able to obtain the following item(s) from your order: Albert Wolfe “Chinese 24/7: Everyday Strategies […]

Book Update: Proofing done. Book at Printer.

Dear Book Updates Newsletter, I’m happy to announce that after an intense proofing process, Chinese 24/7 is finally at the printers! Write book Editing Design / layout Proofing Print book It’s hard to believe that some machine somewhere is putting actual ink on actual paper at this point. It’s all been digital to me so […]