Receive Updates about my Book

In addition to not posting, not getting my contact form working, and not upgrading to the latest release of WordPress, I’ve been busy not losing my job (teaching) and not ignoring my publisher. What I mean is: I’ve been working on the editing and layout of my book Chinese 24/7. I’m glad to announce there […]

And the Title Is: Chinese 24/7

Well the publisher has spoken, and the title of my book is: Chinese 24/7: Everyday Strategies for Speaking and Understanding Mandarin. (click through to Amazon to see a bigger cover image) Thanks again to everyone who participated in helping name the book. That contest was started before I’d found a publisher. When it came time […]

Book Contract Signed

The good news is: I’ve just signed a contract with Stone Bridge Press to publish my book about learning Chinese. I’m really excited to work with them and they seem eager to get the book on the shelf as soon as possible. The bad news is: They haven’t decided on a title yet. So, for […]

Vote on the Book Title

First of all I’d like to say thank you to all those highly creative people who played “Name the Book.” If you haven’t already seen all the title suggestions, I suggest going back to have a look. Some of them are hilarious! I’ve chosen my top 4 favorites (a tough task), checked to make […]

Contest: Name the Book I Wrote

I just completed writing the manuscript for a book on how to learn spoken Mandarin Chinese. The only thing missing at this point is the title. That’s where you come in. I’ve got the subtitle (see below), but I would love to hear your ideas for catchy, suitable, and generally makes-everyone-who-sees-this-book-want-to-buy-it kinds of titles. In […]