Pinyin Chart

NOTE: To download these PDFs directly to your computer without viewing it in your internet browser, right-click on the link and select “Save link/target as…” As I’m sure many of you know, the number of syllables in Chinese is limited. It’s not like English where you can just throw together practically any letters you want […]

Master the Tones

To really speak Chinese, you have to master the tones. But, most laowai don’t.It’s a good idea to learn the tones as you are learning vocabulary. The problem with learning Chinese vocab is there are really two things to remember for each word: the sounds (phonemes…I don’t know how to say “phonemes” in Chinese) the […]

Tone Wars

It’s not that we don’t have tones in English. No. The tones are hard because English has tones, but we use tone for different reasons. In English our tones are usually applied to the whole sentence but can also occur on only one word. We use tone to show emotion, attitude, type of sentence (question, […]