Free Hanzi Reader for your Smart Phone Camera

Yesterday a friend showed me Waygo, an app that uses your camera to read hanzi off menus in restaurants, etc. (By the way, that feature is called an OCR = Optical Character Recognizer.) What impressed was that it’s free! Here’s the catch: you get “10 daily translations” with an optional paid upgrade to “unlimited translations for […]

Video of Q & A Broadcast with Yangyang

As I mentioned before, on July 17 Yangyang and I did a live broadcast answering viewers’ questions about learning Chinese. We had a GREAT time (and I hope the viewers did too). Just so you know how the technology works: viewers type in their questions, and then other viewers can vote for the questions they like […]

Why I Love Laokang Lookup for iPhone

Yesternight, I was on the bus and saw this fairly typical sign: I’ve taken this same bus lots of times, but never really paid attention to this sign. I found I could read every character except the one I’ve circled in blue. I also couldn’t use my usual trick of guessing from the context (because this […]

The 5th Skill: Handwriting

WARNING: This article is an explanation of the footnote in my conceptual breakdown of foreign language teaching. It’s really written more for language teachers and testers than learners. Language instruction is typically divided into four skills: 4 Skills for Most Foreign Languages Aural Visual Reception Listening Reading Production Speaking Writing But for learning Chinese, the […]

“Blog Bank” Replaces iGoogle Page

[Update: See Blog Bank updated to be Resource Bank] With the upcoming demise of iGoogle (see image above), I’ve decided to explore better options for what used to be the “Learn Chinese” iGoogle Page. The best new thing I’ve found is NetVibes. So I’m very happy to announce the release of the “Learn Chinese” Blog Bank (which […]

Yoyo Chinese – my new job

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve taken a position as “course designer / script writer” at Yoyo Chinese. I’ve only been doing it for a little while so none of the lessons that I’ve written have been posted yet, but I’ll probably refer to some of them in the future. It’s been really great […]

Chinese Hanzi Adventure Method

(As promised here, this is my separate post about hanzi.) Anyone want to make some money? You’re welcome to my idea about how I think hanzi should be taught: Inspiration If you’ve never had the chance to play an adventure video game (or even some RBGs), you’re missing out on the virtually-fueled feelings of constant […]

Wanted: Chinese Sign Frequency List

[Update: Bizarrely, comments weren’t allowed on this post at first (they are now). I don’t know why.]  Someone want to make some money? Well you’re welcome to this idea if you can figure out how to do it and monetize it. (Maybe it’s already been done, although I doubt it.) For years we’ve had lists of Chinese […]