ShanghaiDaily’s Buzzword

I just found out about a blogish list of hip, new Chinese words that the ShanghaiDaily puts out called Buzzword. Here’s the editor’s purpose statement: Frequently, readers ask us for help when new Chinese phrases or terms pop up in the press or daily conversations. In an attempt to improve the rendering of such terms […] – My Review

“I’d gladly pay someone to help me with my Chinese if I could just find someone good enough.” If that’s you, there’s a new service that will take you up on that offer: Although this particular site launched for students in April of this year, interactive online language learning/teaching is not a new idea […]

MDBG Dictionary Plugin for WordPress

Ok everyone (Joel), the suspense is over. I have been working with (read: begging) MDBG for the past few weeks to develop and test something that will make self-hosted WordPress bloggers’ lives better. I’m very proud to announce the arrival of the MDBG wordpress plugin (fanfare please)! My favorite feature is the automatic linking of […]

Wanted: Chinese-Learning Blog List

[UPDATE: In addition to my iGoogle Page, I recommend Lingomi’s Chinese Blog List.] The Quest I don’t think there are very many blogs about learning Chinese. Now wait a minute! Before you start throwing your shoes at me, I mean blogs that are EXCLUSIVELY (or at least MOSTLY) about learning the language of the Middle […]