New Song: Chinese Do Re Mi (Dou Rui Mi)

Contrary to what one of my students said, It’s very fun! I think that it is a good for learning Chinese. I actually don’t think there’s much pedagogical value to the song (although I did try to use the most common / useful characters I could). But I still thought it might be fun to post here since […]

2 New Songs: Rich Girl, Tuífèi 颓废

I’m delighted to announce that my sister Marie has just finished recording two Mandarin songs here in my little studio. 1. Rich Girl I wrote the song with our college’s hip hop dance team in mind (I haven’t heard from them whether they like the song or not yet). I invented a character (I imagined […]

Looking Forward to Your Love

Here’s an up-tempo, happy pop song from the singer of such classics as “In A Thousand Years” and “Back to Back Hug” (translations coming someday…maybe). I’ve actually seen Lín Jùnjié 林俊杰 perform live and he was great (assuming he was really singing what I was hearing). Here’s my humble attempt at a translation (requires Adobe […]

New Song: Kuàilè 快乐

My little Audacity-powered home recording studio just cranked out my third Chinese pop song: Kuàilè 快乐 (Happy). Inspirational Story It was my friend Adrian who first said, “Have you ever noticed every Chinese pop song has the word ‘kuàilè’ 快乐 in it?” He’s pretty much right. Of course there are about three songs getting air […]

We Are Ready: Beijing Olympics Song

Since this is a strictly apolitical, language-learning blog, I’d like to go on record as saying I’m posting the lyrics to this song because: 1. The Beijing Olympics are just around the corner and you’re likely to hear this song on TV or the radio or at a shop at some point (if you haven’t […]

Watching the Sea

I was first xīyǐn to this song’s peppy beat and funky accordion accompaniment. This is the first song by Zhōu Xùn 周迅 I’ve translated. I called it “Watching the Sea,” but “Kàn hǎi” 看海 could be translated “Looking at the Sea” too (not that it matters). The lyrics, while providing useful examples of many uses […]