Word Hog

Girly Flowers and Manly Grass

“You can’t learn the language without learning the culture!” Sound familiar? In formal language education there is a movement for calling culture the “fifth skill” (along with: reading, writing, speaking, listening). But what ever does it mean to us learning Chinese? I’m not going to pretend I know the answer. All I’m saying is the […]

The Quest for “Anyway”

Everyday, I use the word “anyway” in English and I really wish I knew how to say it in Chinese. I’ve had considerable trouble tracking down a Chinese word/phrase that can be used the same way we use “anyway/anyhow” in English. The ways we use “anyway” as a kind of sentence starter in English are: […]

Double Eyelid

shuāng yǎnpí 双眼皮 = double eyelid I learned this word at lunch yesterday. Apparently most westerners have it, and not all Chinese do. The Chinese seem to think it’s a beautiful feature. Somehow, it doesn’t sound beautiful when I say it…oh well. Here’s some more info on the physiological phenomenon.