Contact Form huài le

It’s just been brought to my attention (thanks John) that my contact form is broken. I’m sorry if you’ve sent a message and I haven’t replied. I’m not ignoring you, I simply didn’t receive it. The last email I received via that form was (ironically) on September 11. I hope to fix the form soon (if I can figure out what’s wrong!).

In the mean time, if you’d like to contact me for some reason, leave a brief comment here and you’re email address (while remaining a secret to the world) will show up in my inbox. I’ll then reply directly to your email address and we can talk secretly.

Sorry for any unintentional snubbing this has caused.

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  1. Hi Albert,
    I did try to contact you a few days ago regarding a grammar topic. Do you have another e-mail address where I may resend that e-mail?

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