Cool World Language Stats Graphics

(I… can’t… quite… remember how to use my blog… Oh yes. It’s coming back to me now. I type here, right?)

I saw this fun article “The world’s languages, in 7 maps and charts” from the Washington Post today and wanted to mention it. Notice where Chinese shows up in each graphic, for example:

world language speakersworld language speakersworld language speakersworld language speakers

It was also fun to be reminded (read: actually know for the first time) how many people are in the world (7.2 billion) and how many languages there are in the world (7102).

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  1. Welcome back, and thanks for the link to a very interesting article. Being a quibbler by nature, though, I have to note that calling Chinese one language with dialects is like saying Latin is a language whose dialects include Spanish, Italian, etc.

  2. I don’t understand this graph, because statistics show other numbers:
    – Chinese: 1.3 billion
    – Spanish: 450 million
    – English: 410 million
    – Arabic: 290 million
    – Portuguese: 210 million
    – Bengali: 210 million
    – Hindi: 180 million
    – Russian: 150 million
    – Urdu: 65 million

  3. If we include bilinguals,then:
    – Chinese: 1.4 billions
    – English: 650 M
    – Spanish: 540 M
    – Portuguese: 470 M
    – Russian: 420 M
    – Arabic: 290 M
    – Bengali: 230 M
    – Hindi: 180 M
    – Urdu: 159 M

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