faceless Kindle Edition Released

Just a quick update about my novel: I had quite a few people tell me they would like to read it in eBook format. So I’m very happy to announce the Kindle version of faceless has just been released!

The paperback is still available too, of course, but it ships from the USA so the eBook may be more realistic for expats.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR CHINESE LEARNERS: Because the Kindle conversion process is a little bit tricky (read: I don’t understand it at all), all hanzi in the book (don’t worry, there’s not that much and it’s not important) has been converted to images. I borrowed a friend’s Kindle to have a look at them and they look a little bit… well… like images of hanzi instead of the crisp, clear characters we’re used to seeing on our computer screens. Sorry about that. I’m too ignorant about all things Kindle to have figured out a better way to do it.

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  1. This sounds interesting. Are there a lot of hanzi in the book? Converting to images is a really bad idea; it wouldn’t be hard to use Unicode, escaped in the html if needed for Amazon’s format. If there are more than a few characters it is probably worth doing because images look really ugly- they don’t scale properly with the text for example.

    • @Alan,

      Yes you’re right, they don’t scale right. Thankfully, hanzi is a very minor part of the book (since it’s written for anyone in the world who uses online social networks and I’m assuming most of them CAN’T read hanzi). It’s just in there to add a little authenticity 😉

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