faceless Through to Quarter Finals (top 250)

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I’m very happy to announce that faceless has made it into the Quarter Finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest in the Young Adult Fiction category (because the main character is 17 years old).

A quick outline of the contest rounds and number of entries:

  1. 5000 entries submitted in each category (Adult / Young Adult)
  2. Top 1000 entries chosen based on 300-word “pitch” (I won’t give you the pitch because it spoils the whole story)
  3. Top 250 chosen based on 5000-word “excerpt” (announced here)
  4. Top 50 chosen by Publishers Weekly editors, who read the whole book (to be announced April 24, 2012)
  5. Top 3 chosen by Penguin editors.
  6. Winner chosen by Amazon customers.

We’ll see what happens next. It’s fun to be in the contest because no matter what, I’ve already got the book finished!

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