Fairy Tale (an easy song to learn)

I know my little translations of pop songs are some of the least popular content on this blog, but I just can’t help it, sorry.

“Fairy Tale” (tónghuà 童话) by Guāng Liáng (光良) is very popular right now (in this part of the country at least). It also has the added benefit of being one of the simplest (linguistically and musically) Chinese pop songs I’ve heard.

I’m trying a new format for posting the lyrics. In addition to the “printer friendly” PDF format (requires Adobe Reader), I’ve got a plain text file as well. I tried just slapping the plain text lyrics in this post, but it got kind of long. If either of you two readers who actually look at my pop song translations have an opinion about the lyrics format, please let me know.

Lyrics (English, pinyin, 汉字)

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10 Replies to “Fairy Tale (an easy song to learn)”

  1. Great idea, thanks for taking the time to share this with us. Pop songs, no matter how cheesy are a good way to learn.
    However, now I have the lyrics, where do i get the tune from ?
    BTW , the PDF format works for me – I look forward to the next instalment……

  2. share it for fun
    I am unable to remember how long it’s been since your last talking
    About the stories that you like a lot
    I’ve missed it a long time
    I’ve fallen down in great confusion
    Is that true I’ve done something wrong again?
    You’re in tears and you’re saying
    All the fairy tales are fabricated
    I couldn’t be the written prince for you
    / It’s impossible for me to be your prince √
    Maybe you don’t know
    After you saying you love me
    / From the time you said you love me √
    The sky above my world have all the stars twinkling brighter
    I’m willing to become your favourite angel in the fairy tale
    Stretch my arms like the angel wings to protect you
    Please you do believe
    have the faith that we can be the fairy tale
    We will be blessed with happiness for good
    I wanna become…
    I will become…
    Together write our ending

  3. thank you so much for the side-by-side translation … this has such a haunting tune and I enjoy listening to it

  4. About the songs that are pretty simple to start learning. Theres a song Rainbow 彩虹 by zhou jie lun 周杰伦 (aka jay chou). This songs pretty easy and catchy enough to make singing practice an enjoyable experience.
    Hope others can enjoy it if they havent already heard it yet.

  5. Btw please let me have a patriotic moment. I like americans obviously…but can you sort the english flag out for me?
    Cheers, kelvin
    Btw really like your blogs. Keep them coming.

  6. @凯文子 Kelvin,

    Thanks for the song. I’ll check it out. As for the flag, I guess you’re English and would like the British flag displayed next to your comments. Is that right? I would love to oblige but I don’t know how to adjust that. It’s all done automatically depending on the computer you’re logging onto the internet from. So, if you’re in the USA (or using a proxy that goes via the USA) it’ll automatically show a USA flag. Does that explain anything? I wish there were something else I could do.

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