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Shèngdàn kuàilè 圣诞快乐 everyone! (Such a strident seasonal greeting–it just doesn’t sound as merry in Chinese.) Before I get back to wrapping my gifts, I thought I’d mention an actual free gift (as opposed to this) available to everyone for the next week.

Apparently, is doing a Christmas special offering unlimited Chinese lessons (voice chats with Chinese native speakers) until the end of this year (2009). But here’s the kicker:

After I wrote a review of, they hired me to do some consulting for them. So, as a thank you to you (the inexplicably loyal readers of this blog), they just informed me that anyone who mentions the name of this blog will receive a free $1 in your account, which is the minimum required to take advantage of the Christmas special. So that means that anyone who reads this little post can actually have totally free Chinese lessons (or as I prefer to think of it: informant Q&A time) for the next week.

If you decide you’d like to give it a try, just remember to type “Laowai Chinese” as the answer to “Where did you hear about us?” when you create your account. That’s apparently the magic mìmǎ 密码.

Enjoy shouting holiday cheer to everyone you meet (four 4th tones in a row, sheesh!).

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  2. As an “inexplicably” loyal reader of this blog, I went against my instinctive wariness of free offers and tried out the chineseteachers classes following your suggestion. To my surprise, the sample half-dozen I tried out turned out to be excellent teachers. My only concern as a certified miser is that I’ve learned so much over the past few days that now I’m hooked. You don’t need to worry about me going broke, though: I already bought the 24/7 “batteries not included” book (now you’re going to have to read my review on Amazon – if for no other reason, out of sheer curiosity).

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