Help: Is Youku or Tudou Better?

Now that Youtube and Facebook are both banned here on the dàlù 大陆, I’m looking for a new place to put video clips.

If anyone has registered for an account at either Yōukù 优酷 or Tǔdòuwǎng 土豆网, could you make a recommendation? Is there some other service I should be considering? I’m most afraid of massive spam on the email address I give them when I register.

Thanks for any guidance you can offer.

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  1. To combat e-mail spam but still to be able to register you can use temporary/instant mail hosts like Great for registering on various sites that want to send you confirmation codes or which tend to bug you to no end afterwards.

  2. Albert, I’m a fan of Vimeo ( I used it while I lived in China, and now that I’m back in the US I still use it because I know it’s not blocked (yet?) by the GFW, so my friends in China can still enjoy my video brilliance. Good luck jpv

  3. I have registered on Tudou and so far I haven’t received any spam emails from them. I usually go to Tudou for all the Chinese vids and during the times in China, but occasionally (Tudou is slow for some regions in China) when that site’s running slow I opt to Youku(video quality is slightly worse, fewer comments, but popularity about the same).

    There is also Ku6 that you can consider, but it’s not as popular as those two sites imo, though connection speed is much faster.

  4. I also want to know about this, since we’re heading back to TJ at the end of the month.

    Also, anyone know of video sites that let you have a private account (where your videos don’t have to be public)?

    Facebook was where we put all the baby pictures and video for our scattered relatives, but I don’t want every creep on the internet seeing my daughter.

    Will this all be moot once Oct 1 has come and gone?

  5. Mx says Tudou is good for watching movies… but we have our videos on Youku only because I didn’t think of tudou at the time… but for exposure I might just put them up on Tudou too!

  6. I really want to like Youku more (better, cleaner interface, etc.), but Tudou loads so much better for me in Shanghai, and it loads entire video files, instead of loading just a few minutes ahead of where you are and waiting to load more. On my flaky 电信 connection being able to load as much as possible while the speed is good is a must for long downloads.

  7. u can try sina after u register ,an account including email,blog,and vedio sharing…u can totally ignore the email and just share ur vedio clips.
    and i think sina’s vedio clips have better quality.

  8. I would have to say both are more or less the same, you can have an account on both and then decide which you prefer, after all, it is a personal choice!

    I have an account on both but I prefer Tudou personally. I don’t think you should worry about any spamming, I don’t get any of that. If you’re extremely worried you could always create a new email account for them! Good luck!

  9. Hi albert.
    Ok they tried their worst to get us under control but there is always a way out, if you try really hard to find it:
    to break the IP fillter and log on youtube, the only thing you need is:
    “hotspot shield”.
    Tell me if you succeed.

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