Job Opening: Teach Chinese to a Panda

I just saw this article about Měilán’s (美兰) return to China and had to mention it. If you’ve got a good command of Chinese and English, no infectious diseases, and a bachelor’s degree or higher, you might want to consider applying.

Although, I guess you’d have to be in Chengdu and know some Sìchuān huà 四川话:

“[The panda] will be taught Chinese with a Sichuan dialect because people here all speak Sichuan dialect…For example, she will be taught the phrases for going back to the cage or coming out from the dormitory.”

I couldn’t find the sina site that was mentioned but I did find this article that gives you the phone number to call if you want to apply.

3 Replies to “Job Opening: Teach Chinese to a Panda”

  1. Ni hao!

    I have some background in Mandarin. I’m intermediate level. Is Mandarin close to Sichuan hua? Are they mutually intelligible to each other?

    Xie xie!

  2. I am certainly not qualified to apply but I wonder how many commands a Panda is capable of learning. It’s not so implausible because dogs can learn the meaning of dozens of phrases; though that makes sense because they have to communicate together when they are hunting. I thought Panda’s only sat around munching so this is much more mysterious!

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