Lenny: Best Paper Dictionary (intermediate)

Go to Amazon.com If you’ve got the basic grammar down and now what you need is a handy pocket reference so you can find out how to say “aspirin” at the drug store, then “Lenny” (as I call him) is the paper dictionary for you.

Lenny’s strengths (in comparison to Chubby) include:

  • He’s even smaller than Chubby (about half the thickness)
  • A generally more inclusive vocabulary
  • Chinese pronunciation guide
  • Alphabetical order for Chinese entries (as opposed to hanzi grouping) making it very easy to look up a Chinese word

Lenny’s weaknesses:

  • He’s even smaller than Chubby (not for the hard-of-seeing)
  • No sentence examples (but by now you shouldn’t need them as much)
  • Some strange vocabulary differences between him and Chubby (but there are so many words for the same thing in Chinese, I suppose it’s to be expected)
  • I’ve never seen Lenny for sale in China

If you’ve got a handle on basic Chinese and you want to forget that you’ve got a dictionary in your pocket, I highly recommend bringing Lenny home.

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ISBN: 1585734136

Real (boring) title: Langenscheidt Universal Chinese Dicitionary (Universal Dictionaries) (Paperback)

Go see Lenny at Amazon.com

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