Looking Forward to Your Love

Here’s an up-tempo, happy pop song from the singer of such classics as “In A Thousand Years” and “Back to Back Hug” (translations coming someday…maybe). I’ve actually seen Lín Jùnjié 林俊杰 perform live and he was great (assuming he was really singing what I was hearing).

Here’s my humble attempt at a translation (requires Adobe Reader):

[Download not found]

For the MP3, click here (not my link). Or if that link is broken and you’re not afraid of hanzi, do a Baidu search.

In addition to the ever-popular slipping in of a few English words, this song follows the standard structure for Chinese pop songs:

  • Verse 1
  • Pre Chorus
  • Chorus
  • Pre Chorus
  • Chorus

This song also has the amazing Chinese “A to ∞” rhyme scheme for most of the song.


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