MDBG Dictionary Plugin for WordPress

Ok everyone (Joel), the suspense is over.

I have been working with (read: begging) MDBG for the past few weeks to develop and test something that will make self-hosted WordPress bloggers’ lives better.

I’m very proud to announce the arrival of the MDBG wordpress plugin (fanfare please)!

My favorite feature is the automatic linking of all hanzi in posts and comments (!) to the MDBG dictionary. This is especially useful for my “power pidgin” writing style when I often write a sentence with English and Chinese hùn zài yìqǐ 混在一起 and I don’t want to have to explain every word. But it also includes a pinyin tone converter that turns “hun4 zai4 yi4qi3” into “hùn zài yìqǐ” (with an optional link to pinyin pronunciation files).

That reminds me of a question I’ve been wanting to ask everyone (not just you Joel):

What do you use to make pinyin tones on your computer?

Before this plugin I always used this.

As a final bonus, if you use the plugin on your blog, you get added to a special VIP list at the bottom of the plugin page!

If anyone else is using some sort of auto-linking dictionary plugin, let us know how this one compares.

Can anyone who has a self-hosted WordPress blog think of a reason NOT to use the MDBG plugin at least for automatic linking in comments?

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  1. Joel,

    All the links are automatically target=”_blank” so that the links open a new window.

    As for the firefox extension, does that work for you when you’re writing wordpress posts? I can get it to work in the title of a post (single line text box) but not in the body of the post (multi-line textarea).

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  3. I’ve always used pinyinput, an IME from imron of Chinese Forums. Very stable and useful and works in almost anyplace on Windows. But I’m curious to try the above-mentioned google pinyin, since pinyinput has one weird bug I can’t work around sometimes

  4. Just joining this conversation. Is there not a way to just do it with a PC keyboard? See, I’ve been using a Mac and you can just use the option button and then +a for first tone, +e for second tone, +v for 3rd tone, and +` for 4th tone. I just bought a PC am editing the last 2 chapters of my book and it’s driving me nuts. I don’t want to fuss around with cutting and pasting. I downloaded something from one of the above links and it made my font look funny and all different sizes. Anyone can help with PC short cut to pinyin tones?

  5. also, when are you gonna do a post on Chinese punctuation and how to type it? It’s driving me nuts that I can’t make those other kind of commas. I did it once, and then forgot.

  6. This is great! Installed on my blog and already going through and redoing posts with [hanzi] tags.

    Do you have any plans to make a Firefox/Thunderbird plugin? Something similar to Chinese Perakun/Mandarin Popup? I think we are sorely in need of a Chinese Popup Mozilla addon that will show definitions from MDBG!

    Nice work and thanks again!

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