Musical Gifts for the Holidays

In the spirit of the season (and also because I haven’t had time to get to any of the 70 drafts waiting for me), I’d like to give you 3 new, original songs as a little present for the holidays.

1. Yǐwéi 以为 by me

Part of the ongoing 我不是东西 collection or Chinese pop songs that I write based on vocabulary I learn (here’s the direct link for the mp3 – right click and “save as…”)

2. Christmas Every Day by me and my friend Danny

Disclaimer: English song. We wanted to write a Christmas song now since it would seem so out of place at other times (here’s the direct link for the mp3 – right click and “save as…”)

3. Bú Ràng Nǐ Líkāi 不让你离开 by Danny and Blueberry (one of our students)

I didn’t help write this song (although I do play the piano on the recording), but I like it so much I had to give it a little publicity. By the way, I tried to help with the English translation, but I must admit I was stumped by:

láibùjí bǎ guòqù shōucáng biànzuò chénnián de sī niàng

Which is currently translated nonsensically as:

(Otherwise) there won’t be enough time change the past collection into mature privacy

If anyone has any suggestions on a better translation for that line (or any of the other lines), please let me know and I’ll pass the word along.


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