My First Comic Feature

I just got an email from Magnus and Mingxing saying they made a comic out of one of my little rants. Maybe this sort of thing happens to you all the time, but I’m so flattered that I’m considering changing the topic of this blog to “Silly Stuff About Chinese That Can Be Made Into Comics.” Well, maybe I’d better get some sleep before I decide on that. (Now, do I mean “sleep” or “tax?” Hahaha–uh oh.)

Enough of that. Here it is (pinyin underneath):

2009-08-17 Arrow or Sword.jpg

A: kuài​! gěi​ wǒ​ jiàn​! mǎ​ shàng​! 快给我剑!
B: shì jiàn​ hái ​shì​ jiàn​? 是剑还是箭?

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