My New Book: faceless (novel)

I’m very happy to announce the recent release of my first novel: a techno-thriller called faceless.

It’s not about learning Chinese. But it does have some Chinese in it. And, without giving anything away, I would like to say that any reader who knows Chinese will appreciate at least one little joke more than readers who don’t know Chinese. If that’s not a reason to read a whole book, I don’t know what is!

If you’d like to see some sample chapters and/or the back cover text, they are available at the companion website.

This blog will get back to Chinese-learning tips soon (within the year).

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    • @Zach Hoeken,
      Sorry. No e-book available yet. I’ll post any news about new editions of the book on the book news section of the site. If you’d like to subscribe to that you can do that here.

      @Michael A. Robson,

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