Five Two Zero So Much

The month of May sports one of what I call (for the first time) “fakie-sounding pun-tastic number-slang days”: 5/20. (Here’s a Baidu link so you know I’m not making it up.) May 20th, pronounced in Chinese as “wǔ èr líng” 五二零 is supposed to sound like “wǒ ài nǐ” 我爱你 (“I love you”). As best as […]

The 5th Skill: Handwriting

WARNING: This article is an explanation of the footnote in my conceptual breakdown of foreign language teaching. It’s really written more for language teachers and testers than learners. Language instruction is typically divided into four skills: 4 Skills for Most Foreign Languages Aural Visual Reception Listening Reading Production Speaking Writing But for learning Chinese, the […]

“Blog Bank” Replaces iGoogle Page

[Update: See Blog Bank updated to be Resource Bank] With the upcoming demise of iGoogle (see image above), I’ve decided to explore better options for what used to be the “Learn Chinese” iGoogle Page. The best new thing I’ve found is NetVibes. So I’m very happy to announce the release of the “Learn Chinese” Blog Bank (which […]

Posters for Teaching Chinese

I’ve really been enjoying teaching the Beginning Chinese class here at Peizheng College this term. I’ve got two posters on the wall that I use every time we hold class: Tone Combo Chart Pinyin Chart I’ve also given handouts of the posters. The Tone Combo Chart is from Paul Condrell. The handout is available here and […]