Posters for Teaching Chinese

I’ve really been enjoying teaching the Beginning Chinese class here at Peizheng College this term.

I’ve got two posters on the wall that I use every time we hold class:

  1. Tone Combo Chart
  2. Pinyin Chart

I’ve also given handouts of the posters.

The Tone Combo Chart is from Paul Condrell. The handout is available here and the poster size image is available by emailing him.

I’ve updated my Pinyin Chart page to include two different handout versions of the chart (a 2-page and a single page) as well as the poster size image that’s on my wall.

2 Replies to “Posters for Teaching Chinese”

  1. Professor Wolfe,

    Great to see that poster in use! In my classroom I project the tone chart image on the screen using the projector (it’s a “smart” classroom). I then use a laser pointer to help students focus on a particular tone diagram.

    The type on the pinyin chart looks hard to read from a distance. You’ve given me an idea about how to “reinvent” that chart for classroom use. I’ll send when ready.

    • Yes, you’re right. The pinyin chart is not REALLY big enough right now. But, if the students have their own handout version of the chart they can follow along. But you’re right, it could be redesigned. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with (I have a little redesign of my own in mind 😉

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