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In addition to not posting, not getting my contact form working, and not upgrading to the latest release of WordPress, I’ve been busy not losing my job (teaching) and not ignoring my publisher. What I mean is: I’ve been working on the editing and layout of my book Chinese 24/7.

I’m glad to announce there are now over ten people outside my family who have expressed interest in my book. And because they’re asking very reasonable questions like, “How’s that whole book thing going?” and “When will it be out again?” I’ve decided to provide a little mailing list just for book updates (the answers are “fine” and “sometime early 2009,” by the way). This post is sneakily serving as a test of the new service.

You can subscribe to this special RSS feed or special email list (also in the sidebar under the picture of the book) if you want to receive updates about the book only. If you’re already a subscriber to Laowai Chinese, you don’t need to do anything. You’ll get any updates about the book with your usual (once in a blue moon) updates.

Thanks again for the interest in the book. And to you loyal readers of this blog (if you’re still around), I promise to post one of the 34 draft posts I’m working on as soon as…um…I post it.

8 Replies to “Receive Updates about my Book”

  1. Gosh, good to have some evidence that those rumors of your demise — which were spreading wide and fast — were indeed exaggerated.

    Seriously, good luck with the book stuff. Keep us posted.

  2. Congratulations on your wonderful work! It would be one of your masterpieces. I am looking forward to your next book from now!

  3. Book! heard about it before,but still a astounding discovery to me,so pround having a “human dynamo” be my teacher:)Good luck!

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