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First of all, thanks to everyone who has written something nice about my book at Amazon or your own blog or the Facebook page (currently banned in China) or even here. It’s been nice to hear some feedback and it’s mostly positive (what a bonus)!

A few people have contacted me saying they wanted to write a review of Chinese 24/7 on but couldn’t because they didn’t have an Amazon account. I told the publisher about that problem and they told me the best alternative to writing a review on Amazon is writing one at Barnes & Nobel.

Here’s a button to write a review of your own:


Advantages of Amazon

  • I think the reviews on are more widely read and therefore probably more prestigious.

Advantages of Barnes & Noble

  • It’s simple to do (don’t think you’ve got to use all those little categories of stars, just an overall rating is enough).
  • You can create an account and write a review without purchasing anything from their website. With Amazon you have to purchase at least one product from them before you can write a review.
  • Not all Barnes & Noble stores (North America) carry Chinese 24/7 yet, and the more positive customer reviews they see on their own sight the more likely they are to carry the book on their shelves.

So all that to say: if you’ve been meaning to write a review but haven’t because of Amazon’s rules, you’ve now got a place to do it. (And if it’s really glowing we might even put it up on the special reviews compilation page.) Thanks again!

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