ShanghaiDaily’s Buzzword

I just found out about a blogish list of hip, new Chinese words that the ShanghaiDaily puts out called Buzzword.

Here’s the editor’s purpose statement:

Frequently, readers ask us for help when new Chinese phrases or terms pop up in the press or daily conversations. In an attempt to improve the rendering of such terms in English, we have decided to introduce the weekly “Buzzwords” column starting from today (2005-10-07).

This column has three purposes: first, to provide a tentative English translation of new Chinese terms and phrases that have recently appeared in the press as a reference for our readers; second, to tell our readers what are the latest buzzwords in the local press; and third, to invite readers to help us generate better translations.

A lot of the terms seem to be internet and high tech vocabulary.

If you’re interested, they also have information on that same page about contests they hold for the best English translation of these new words.

I’ve added the RSS feed for Buzzword to the iGoogle page (in the middle column). If you’d like it to appear on your Google home page, with all the other (currently 41) feeds to pick and choose from, please get the latest version of the page by clicking this button (it’s free):

Add “Learn Chinese” to iGoogle

3 Replies to “ShanghaiDaily’s Buzzword”

  1. I always thought that Chinese words sometimes cannot be translated directly into English. Or maybe I mess them up with some other language? Anyway I know that there is always a method of translation but not always direct one. I wonder how it is with Chinese?

  2. I am curious about learners’ points of view on this topic. Because from our teachers’ points of view, we will not teach any new word, phrase, or sentence until they are collected into an official dictionary. However, it seems that in the real world, learners are willing to learn the latest language before they are officially approved. You can also send me an email or leave comments on my new blog about learning Mandarin to let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

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