New Song: Chinese Do Re Mi (Dou Rui Mi)

Contrary to what one of my students said,

It’s very fun! I think that it is a good for learning Chinese.

I actually don’t think there’s much pedagogical value to the song (although I did try to use the most common / useful characters I could). But I still thought it might be fun to post here since it does at least include Chinese.

Notes about the Lyrics

  • There are no good “rui” options. I did as well as I could. I considered using Zhao Ruirui (the Olympic volleyball player) at one point, but…nah.
  • The first verse is mainly nouns, the second is mostly verbs.
  • In China (and, I guess, most of the world besides the USA) they actually say “see” (written “si”) for the 7th scale degree instead of “ti” (wiki). I stuck with the original “ti” because it’s a spoof of a Rodgers and Hammerstein song more than a tool for teaching music to Chinese.


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