Sorry for the White out

If you tried to visit in the last 48 hours or so, you would have seen nothing on this site but the White Screen of Death. I just got it sorted out by upgrading to WordPress 2.6, but I have a feeling the addition of the “secret key” (which I added a few days ago) and that final carriage return that Colin talks about was the problem. Regardless, the upgrade fixed everything.

Sorry to bore everyone with blog updates like this, but I have a feeling some of my readers also use WordPress and this info might be important for them.

For you email subscribers: this post SHOULD come in an email with the previous post about finding out the geneder of a Chinese person from ta‘s name. If the emails don’t go out today, something else is broken (thanks for your nàixīn 耐心)

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  1. Dear Albert and friends,

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    Welcome all to check out my site! I’d love to meet you guys on this site. Regards, David 大卫

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