Stuff You Might Be Hearing: ATMs

Every time I use the China Construction Bank ATM, the lady inside the speaker shouts instructions to me. If you’re hearing the same thing, we might as well understand what she’s saying.

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  ATMs (2,327 hits)


1. qǐng qǔ xiànjīn 请取现金.

Please take (your) cash.

2. jiāoyì wánchéng hòu, qǐng qǔ huí kǎ 交易完成后,请取回卡.

After (you’ve) completed your transaction, please take back (your) card.

3. qǐng qǔ huí kǎ 请取回卡.

Please take back (your) card.

The ATM says other stuff too, but this is all I personally encounter when I withdraw pinkies. If anyone has any recordings of other (non-China Construction Bank) ATMs that are different, I’m sure it would be interesting to compare. Yeah right! Who records ATMs?


  1. I must say that I don’t understand what she said from the hearing attempts. My ATM doesn’t speak to me and I must confess that I would gladly record one of those 🙂

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