The Great China Quest

I usually don’t blog about personal stuff, but I thought my summer plan might be of general interest, especially since I’m hoping a new book will come out of it.

My friend Adrian (of Jiaozi and Panda fame) and I are going to be travelling around China for 30 days, attempting scavenger-hunt-like challenges for something we are calling (perhaps a bit presumptuously):

The Great China Quest

If you’re interested in what we’re planning (and not planning) to do, or in following our travels, there’s a whole new website dedicated to the trip complete with a blog of its own.

If you’d like to receive an occasional email whenever we post something related to the trip (we’ll be using Internet cafes along the way to post updates), you can subscribe below.

The Great China Quest Email Updates:

2 Replies to “The Great China Quest”

  1. I visited your new website. Wow…very interesting! Please take a lot photos and videos. I look forward to your travel updates.
    Have a wonderful trip!

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