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  1. I’ve got it but I’m still trying to figure out how to switch it on and off. And also how to get it to highlight compound words or not. Any tips?

  2. @Albert: If you right-click the toolbar and choose “Customize…”, you can drag a ChinesePera-Kun icon anywhere onto the toolbar. You can use this icon to toggle the popup translations. Note: if you switch tabs, you might have to click that icon again for translating to happen in the new tab.

    As for compound words, for me it always seems to highlight the longest phrase it can, but it still displays the information on individual characters, too. So I haven’t needed to disable compound-character matches.

  3. I don’t know of a plugin for Firefox, but I use Kingsoft Powerword and it works like a charm. You can mouse over any word in any program and it will give you the translation, pronunciation, pinyin, etc. It is designed for Chinese people learning English, but works perfectly both ways (english-chinese or chinese-english). You should be able to find in any software shop. It’s what most of the Chinese university English students use.

  4. wow, so cool thanks for the tips. Yet another reason for firefox as my primary browser. so much easier than thumbing through the dictionary

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