Wanted: Chinese-Learning Blog List

[UPDATE: In addition to my iGoogle Page, I recommend Lingomi’s Chinese Blog List.]

The Quest

I don’t think there are very many blogs about learning Chinese.

Now wait a minute! Before you start throwing your shoes at me, I mean blogs that are EXCLUSIVELY (or at least MOSTLY) about learning the language of the Middle Kingdom. There are a lot of great blogs about living in China that include dealings with the language. But those are not what I’m interested in at the moment.

According to this list by Lexiophiles, LaowaiChinese.net ranks 135 out of 250 in language blogs (I guess the lower 50% post even less often than once every two months). But that list includes ALL languages (with no capability to sort or filter). I contacted Lexiophiles and asked them if there is a way to display only Chinese-language-related blogs and they said no, but there are only four others anyway (only two of which currently count: Hanzi Smatter (#46) and Chinese Quest (#226) for the record).

I was a little surprised to see so few (I must confess, I didn’t read the whole list of 250 so there may be more).

What I want is an exhausting exhaustive list of the blogs that we learners of Chinese should be following, blogs that deal with the nuts and bolts of learning Mandarin. I’m loosely defining “blog” here to mean a website that has frequent updates. So daily/weekly lessons are ok. Even “word of the day” sites qualify. Static resources (like a dictionary or hanzi/pinyin converter) are being filed separately under “Helpful Resources.”

Does anyone know where such a list exists? If not, here’s how we shall make it:

If you know of a blog about learning Chinese

  • Please slap the URL into a comment to be added to the “Learn Chinese” blogroll.

If you’re the owner of a blog about learning Chinese

  • Please check the Learn Chinese blogroll (see sidebar to the right) to see if your blog is already there and to make sure I’ve got the name and link correct.
  • If I don’t have your blog listed (sorry about that), please put the URL and prefered RSS feed into a comment so I can mǎshàng add it to the blogroll.
  • HOT TIP: If you’ve got a blog and you don’t have a way of seeing stats about your RSS subscribers, I suggest you figure out how to do that (I use Feedburner).

I have a “secret plan” for all those RSS feeds once I’ve got them, bwah ha ha! (Don’t worry, it’s good.)

Blogroll (as of this post):

  1. Beijing Sounds 北京的声儿
  2. Chinese Hour
  3. Chinese Pod – Latest Lessons [update: only Newbie level podcasts available without an account]
  4. Chinese Study Book Reviews [update: appears he isn’t updating this]
  5. ChineseQuest
  6. Hanzi Smatter 一知半解
  7. Howma [update: appears he isn’t updating this either]
  8. Learning Chinese Blog
  9. Pinyin News

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